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TigerSwan Timeless Services

**TigerSwan Timeless Boutique is a commitment to providing fabulous style therapy for women of all backgrounds & income levels. For Queens managing a tight budget, sign up for our quarterly newsletter & follow us on Instagram for updates on upcoming events & chances to win free style therapy services, portraits, boutique clearances, & give-aways!**

"I needed the experience I had at TigerSwan. Nikki inspired me to wear what makes me feel joyful & powerful. The whole experience was affirming & therapeutic." - #SashaTheTigerSwan

"For me, TigerSwan has been about exploring & expressing a different side of myself that I didn't ever pay much attention to before. It's helped me discover the joy of using my outward self as an expression of different aspects of my inward self! And everytime I bring in a new friend to a brunch, or for a style consultation, or to a fashion show, I get to watch them learn more about themselves & their inner TigerSwan. The days when I'm channeling my inner #HannahtheTigerSwan are the days when I feel most powerful, most beautiful, & most badass."  - #HannahTheTigerSwan

"Nikki is not only a uniquely talented & conscious stylist, during our style therapy session I felt at home in my skin & was encouraged to let my more imaginative voice come out. Style is a meaningful part of my self-expression & I'm so glad to know someone who honors style, justice, & grace all in once. I'm completely hooked." - #ElizabethTheTigerSwan

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