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 A long, long time ago, deep in the wilderness gleamed a beautiful lake, home to many great swans and other magical creatures. One day, an unexpected storm of epic proportions aroused a twister of earth, water and fire, threatening to destroy the lake paradise. At the exact point the swans were sure they would perish, the great TigerSwan emerged from the twister. 


Having the heart of a swan, the TigerSwan lifted her great wing for all the swans to take cover under. Having the mind & spirit of a tiger, the TigerSwan roared so powerfully that it quieted the storm. From that day forward, the TigerSwan was recognized as the Queen of the World, radiating her strength, ferocity, & elegance onto others wherever she roamed.


Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Nikki Marie Georgina Cole and I am the creator of this space.  After nearly 20 years of growing up and working in the hospitality industry, in conjunction with 12 years of intentional organizing  for social and economic justice for poor and working class folks like me,  I was shaped to serve others and channel most, if not all of my talents on behalf of others.  Often I was recognized and rewarded for my dedication and service and this made me feel valued and loved in this world.   


There finally came the time in 2016, when I became burned out from working all the time. This compelled me to figure out what I actually love about me and about life.  I began deliberately exploring and expressing my own interests, creativity and vision.  Something ancestrally deep down in me  said "You can no longer effectively organize and advocate for our people's liberation if you, yourself are not practicing freedom."  


The concept of TigerSwan Timeless emerged from my soul.  I tapped into my love of portraiture photography, tea parties and brunches, vintage clothing and jewelry, bright lipsticks and transformative sunglasses, mary jane and music.  I started a boutique, style therapy, and portraiture service out of my home. I did pop up boutiques across Washington, DC and even presented in an a sexy underground fashion show.  I launched this website and started writing about my life experiences and portraiture sessions.   


For now, I continue to practice liberation through portrait photography and writing.  So again, thank you for being here as a part of my journey.   If you are interested in my portraiture and/or my blog, email me your thoughts at


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